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Tabman guitar tabs are meticulously transcribed from original tracks by The Shadows, The Ventures and other instro favourites. There are also guitar tabs for demo and backing track CDs by many other established guitarists including Ian McCutcheon, Warren Bennett, Dave Robinson, Ernie Lamprell etc. as well as a growing number of bass tabs for tracks by The Shadows and others; there are currently 542 tabs available to download as pdf files. 

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This is to let all my customers know that having resolved a few technical issues, I'm pleased to announce that the backing tracks sections are now re-opened. A special note for those who like The Hunters, tabs are available for SANTA MONICA FLYER and GOLDEN EARRINGS and now there are also downloadable demo & backing track zip files available from the "Ernie Lamprell BACKING TRACKS" section. There are also tabs for one of The Hunters big hitsTHE STORM with backing tracks by either The Vibratos or Ian McCutcheon available from Leo's Den; please click link below relevant title.




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