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About Tabman is run by Tony Clout, who has been a musician for 46 years. Tony founded Tabman in 1997 in response to worldwide requests for guitar instrumental tabs to accompany the many backing track CDs produced by guitarists such as Ian McCutcheon, Warren Bennett, Dave Robinson, Ernie Lamprell etc. Tabman’s customer base now stretches from Tasmania, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, all over Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, UK, Ireland, through to Canada, North America and Brazil. 
Tabman has also transcribed original guitar tracks by The Shadows, Duane Eddy, Jet Harris, The Ventures, The Hunters, The Dakotas etc.; there are also plans to include downloadable backing tracks for these originals.
Bass guitar players are also catered for with an ever expanding bass tabs section. 
It is our intention to expand our list of tabs to cover as many guitar instrumentals as possible; suggestions will be considered and are always welcome via our Contact Us page.
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